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General Information for Visitors

Visiting the IGGL

The IGGL strongly encourages Norwegian and international researchers in paleomagnetism, rock, mineral and environmental magnetism, and other related fields to visit the laboratory and use its instruments if similar equipment is not available at their home institutions. We also encourage academic supervisors and teachers to advise their graduate students who are wishing to learn paleomagnetic and rock magnetic techniques to apply for a visit to the IGGL.

Any researcher or student (on a master or PhD level) affiliated with or enrolled into an officially-recognized Norwegian or international academic or research institution, including industry employees working in the R&D branch, is eligible to request instrument time. Prior experience with the instruments that a visiting researcher intends to use is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

Applying for a Visit

Visits to the IGGL can be arranged by contacting the laboratory manager (preferably by e-mail) and providing the following information:

Note that the access to the IGGL instruments will NOT be scheduled on the first-come, first-served basis. When allocating instrument time, we will prioritize (in descending order) (1) the awardees of the Ivar Giæver Visiting Fellowship Program, (2) researchers and graduate students from our partner institutions (UiO, UiB, NTNU and NGU) and (3) researchers and students from the Norwegian institutions. Nevertheless, we are committed to do all we can to accommodate all incoming requests.

Also note that even though we do not impose strict rules on the duration of visit, we would like to keep them under a two-week limit; multiple trips can be arranged for larger projects.


When publishing results of your research conducted at the IGGL in scientific journals, reports, books, conference proceeding, etc., we would like our visiting researchers to add the two following lines to the acknowledgements section:

We are grateful to the Ivar Giæver Geomagnetic Laboratory (IGGL) for the use of their facilities. The IGGL is funded by the Research Council of Norway (project #226214) and the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, University of Oslo.

The IGGL is made possible by funding from the Research Council of

Norway (NFR), the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)

and the University of Oslo (UiO)


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